August 2008
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A New Beginning

Well here goes nothing. This blog is my very first attempt of “Blogging”. Don’t expect anything fancy or regular postings for a little while at least. This Blog is my attempt to share my hobby and the construction of my RR with friends and anyone else who may be interested in the model railroading hobby. As I get more familiar with how this all works I’ll try to post on a more regular basis and make things look a little more “Fancy”. As I said not much yet but stay tuned I’m sure Ill have something soon.


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  • Hello Allan and welcome to our blog world.
    Is this where I am supposed to say sorry for corrupting your sons.
    Well you know I can’t do that.
    Anyway good luck with the layout.
    Well a bedroom over a layout is better that a kitchen but that is another story.


  • Allan:

    Hey Derwin

    No Apology needed, as I’m sure you already know. Yea I heard something about the showers from above…… or should I say torrential down pours.


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