September 2008
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Trip to the Island

On August 31st, two friends from our local operating group, my son Mark and myself travelled over to PEI for a day of operating on a couple of friends layouts. We left Moncton around 7:30 Sunday morning and arrived at Scott’s around 9:15 (a little earlier than expected), catching Scott in the middle of some housework he was hoping to have done before we had arrived, Oops. Shortly after Scott finished we left and headed for Derwin’s to operate our first of two sessions on his Canadisle Railway. Between sessions we stopped for some grub, refreshments and conversation.

Derwin trying to get "someone" in the picture

Derwin trying to get "someone" into a picture

An overview of Derwin's Layout

An overview of Derwin's layout

When we were done our second session we headed back to Scott’s but first a pit stop in Kensington. Derwin is on the board of the Kensington Railway Station and he took us on a tour of the place. Pretty cool place with all the artifacts and pictures. There is even an HO layout there. I never thought to take any pictures so if I can get some later I’ll put them up or add them in here later on. For now here is a picture of a model of the station.

Model of the Kensington Station

Model of the Kensington Station

Next stop, Scott’s Bayside&Tidewater. Not only the scenery but the scenes on this layout will keep your interest for quite some time. Well the first part of the opps session did not go very smoothly. My brakeman (who will go unnamed to protect the bit of respect he has with his opps group) didn’t know what he was up against when he was assigned to work with me ( I have a reputation of being a little slower than  most but that’s another story 😀 ). The rest of the guys had time to laugh, talk, tease us about being too slow and go get supper ready and we were only on our first stop!! I guess this means we were holding them up way too long. Well we had a BBQ for supper and sat around the back yard for a bit before heading back in to finish up.

Letting things settle before going back to work.

Letting things settle before going back to work.

After supper things went much smoother…..I think…… at least I don’t think we got in anyones way and no surprise, we were the last ones done too.

Scott thinking "Are these two ever going to finish?"

Scott thinking Are they ever going to finish??

Jim getting his train ready

Jim getting his train ready

Dave concentrating very hard on his duties.

Dave concentrating very hard on his duties.

We had a great time and again I would like to thank the guys from the Island for another great visit.

See Ya

2 Responses to “Trip to the Island”

  • We had a great time as well! Don’t worry about being slow since I’m pretty sure it wasn’t totally your fault. Remember who your brakeman was and that he usually gets the blame when things go wrong!

    Thanks for visiting and we’re looking forward to you guys returning the favour in a month or two.


  • Allan:

    He Does? So the heat is off Derwin now? You know you are welcome here as well. Hopefully next year around this time I may have something to run on….Maybe.


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