November 2008
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Paint and Doors

Well it has been a few weeks since my last post and work on the room has started again. My Son’s Football team had lost the Semi Finals so Football is now over for the season. This will give me a chance to get back to working at the room. Both of my wife’s parents have had surgeries in the past couple weeks and this has made things a little tense around here. Her Mom is doing OK but her father is not out of the woods yet and due to complications has had two more surgeries that were not anticipated. As of now he is still in ICU and somewhat stable but not in great shape. Working a bit on the room has helped keep my mind occupied as well my wife has been working on some of her crafts and reading to occupy hers.

Our friends from the Island were suppose to come over today for some operations but we are in the middle of a snow storm and have to reschedule for another weekend. Anyone who knows us know we frequently drive back and forth between Moncton and Summerside for some operations and well just getting together with friends for some conversation and see how each others’ layouts are progressing. They would also know to check their own schedual to see if they have anything planed that day as well. It seems like every time we have a plan we end up having either an ice or snow storm the first time round…… always. So I am going to take the oportunity to give an update.

The paint is now on the wall and I found a really good deal on two used  pre-hung doors that I installed last week. Last night I acquired one more 30″ door to finish the hallway so I’ll likely hang it today and that will leave mouldings and the ceiling left. The biggest “issue I have now is that the room is starting to take shape and look like a room, I’m fighting of threats of making it into a bedroom for my Son or a Craft-room for my Wife. I’m pretty sure their joking………I think…..I hope.

Unfortunately Christmas is upon us and the finances being what they are I am forced to bring all renovations to a halt. Once we get Christmas over I’ll get started again, so for now I’ll work on finishing up my layout design. Hopefully I’ll be able to post it in a few weeks or at least before mid January as there are a few detail I need to work out to make it interesting. Also I’ll make a post whenever the Island crew make it over. For now here are some pictures of my work so far.

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