December 2008
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Disappointing news comes with this post. It is starting to look like my train room will be “on hold” for a little while longer. With this Christmas season now over, well the gift buying part anyway, I figured I can get back to the room. A couple unexpected bills has darkened my progress. My family accountant (read wife, she is a Financial Analysis in her paying job) says we have to pay some lingering debt down before I build anymore in the basement.

The overtime I’ll be getting next month will now have to help pay for these bills and my room will have to wait I guess. However I am in negotiations for a smaller cut of the pie just to keep things progressing at least.

I have still been working on my new layout plan and it is still in the design mode but the mainline is set and some of the towns and industries as well.  Here is a peek at what I have so far. I am  trying to figure out how to model a Gypsum Mill  in the space with the “Y” in it so if you have any comments or suggestions on this or anything else with this design I would be most grateful.wv-shortline2

If this doesn’t work let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

See Ya


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