June 2009
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Well the Summer is here and so far it has been wet and watching the outlook on the news tonight it doesn’t look like it is going to change much. Railfest now has a date for the summer so I think I may be spending the muggy  evenings working on some modules in the basement. I spent last night working on some legs and trying to figure out what to with my 2 foot module. It took a fall and I was trying to figure out how to patch it up………couldn’t figure quite what to do………….I scraped it. Although now I have to build a new one as it is in the plans for Railfest this Summer.

I’ll let you know what I come up with.

See Ya


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  • Ian Dryden:

    Nice Blog, Al. That WordPress prog does seem to do an excellent job.

    You have a good way with words, reading your Blog feels like we’re having a conversation. Very smooth.

    I miss seeing the lads – but at least I can follow along with blogs & the Codiac oage — looks as if I’ll be on this 3-11 shift for a while yet.


  • Ian Dryden:

    Codiac “page” — Oops.

  • Allan:

    Thanks Ian
    WordPress is definitely a great tool!!!
    We have missed having you at the Ops sessions for sure!! Maybe your shifts will change soon….maybe 😉

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