August 2009
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New Modules Update

We’ll with Hillfest (Railfest 2009) upon us I have some good news. I now know my new modules will be ready for this event, no skirting but the trains will run for sure. Yesterday morning I took these photo and was wondering………….no, that’s not it, more like panicking as to how the blazes these were going to be ready for this weekend.

New Modules beofer the guys showed upNew Modules beofer the guys showed up

In these parts “Train” night is Monday night and like friends do in a pinch they lend a hand.  Trevor Brent and Luc all came over last night and help whip things into shape. I still can’t believe we got as much as got done last night in less than two hours. Thanks Guys, I really appreciate your help!!!!!

The Crew

Here is what we came up with.

New Modules

There is still a lot of “finishing” touches I will do later on but tonight I will get the track down and get the wiring setup and ready.

Only three more evenings!!!!!!!!

See Ya


4 Responses to “New Modules Update”

  • ricnok:

    You let Luc da Jeweler and Brent help you do scenery????!!! I’m surprised that they didn’t turn the fan on when Trevor was doing the ground foam.

  • Doug:


    Looking good, having a crew helping gets alot of things done in a short period of time.

    Looking forward to see them Friday.


  • Allan:

    Thanks Doug, I’m looking forward to showing them as well, Still work to be done but they look good for now.

  • Allan:

    OH The fan got turned on all right!!!!! If you have ever worked with Brent You will know why TOO!!!!!!

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