September 2009
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Alberta Trip (prt.2)

On Friday we headed for Banff. While traveling South heading toward Calgary I could look to the West and see the tip of the Rockies. They looked more like weird clouds at this distance. We made a stop in Olds for gas, breakfast and a trip to the local hobby shop. The owner was a pleasant fellow and is planning to move his shop to Red Deer later this year or early next year. Soon we were on our way again still heading South but just before Calgary we turned and started heading West and at that point I could see the Rockies starting to come into focus much better. The closer we got the larger they seamed to get. Let me tell you if you have never seen the Rockie Mountains it is something you should plan to do at some point in your life. It really makes you feel like a little speck on this little planet of ours. If you have never been to Banff let me describe it a little. It is not a very large town but the population of tourists must more than double the local population. All the touristy (is that even a word?) are found on Banff Avenue and every where you look there are either tons of people or mountains. Standing on the corner of Banff Avenue and WOLF Street :-D, here is what you will see: I know some of these pictures are dark but I don’t own a DSLR Camera so I am still trying to learn how to use the different settings instead of being able to use just F stops and shutter speeds. Here are a few more pictures I’ll share with you all from the Rockies, then my next post will have  trains for sure….I promise 😉

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