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Well I finally have some time to jot down some notes from HillFest from last weekend. This was the first time I have ever planed an event like this and from what I have read from some of the other members it must have been a hit.
Friday afternoon and evening was for setup and for the most part was ready for first thing Saturday morning.  Saturday morning was just a couple little things left and we were operating in no time with the new operation system.

Our location had a kitchen area where we were able to use so some ready to bake pizza’s were cooked up for Dinner and the leftovers became Dinner for Sunday as well. Saturday afternoon was more operating until we had a few complaining they were hungry. We had brought a BBQ  on-site for supper but when Scot and I went to get it going we realized the remnants of a hurricane that we might have, sort of, forgot was blowing through. We grabbed the BBQ and ran for cover and cooked up burgers for supper.

Saturday night was a time to get off our feet and watch some slides. John Whitmore showed some of his slides from the Prairies back in the 60’s. I almost had to leave as I didn’t want the guys hear me sobbing when I seen the slid of all the steam engines on the tracks waiting to be scrapped. That had to be a sad day for many people. Then Luc Knowlan   showed his slides of his trip to to Alberta and up through the Rockies.

That night I found about 4 Extra guests guests for a few hours until there nameless host decided to come home and unlock the door. Seemed he forgot to leave them a key……Yeah right!!!! ;-D

Sunday morning was back to operations for one last session before Dinner then tear down. By 3 O’clock that afternoon you would hardly even know we had been there.

All in all I think it was a very succesfull and fun weekend. You should have been there if you weren’t!!!!!!

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Birds Eye View

The photo does not do justice to the setup.

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