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Trip to Alberta (pt.1)

As some of you know I just recently took a trip to Alberta to visit my brother and take a trip through the Rockies. I have also been asked (by multiple friends) to post something about it and would have sooner but I am having difficulties getting my photo’s placed where I want them in the blog. For some reason they always so here goes:

On Wednesday Sept 9th I left Moncton around 7 am and headed for Alberta via West Jet. After a 1 1/2 hour layover in Toronto it was off once again into the Wild Blue Yonder, headed for Edmonton. Let me tell ya, sitting in a plane for 4 hours straight is not what I call exciting or a fun time. I’m not claustrophobic but I also don’t like being cooped up in a small space for a long time either. When we finally landed I went to the baggage pickup area to look for my sister in law (Kim) as my brother (Darrell) works on the oil rigs and wasn’t due home until Thursday.  I was very surprised to see both of them standing there. Darrell got off a day early just to make sure he was there when I arrived.

They live in a town called Ponoka which is South of Edmonton and North of Calgary. Between Calgary and Edmonton the CPR has a line that runs along Highway 2A and on the way to Darrell’s place I saw two different trains and I’m sorry to say no pictures either as my camera was still packed in one of my bags. Sorry Guys!

The first two places we went to see were an outside railway museum and Reynolds’s – Alberta museum. This museum holds antique auto’s, farming and aviation equipment and if you are ever in the area it is definitely worth the few bucks it cost to walk through there. Here is acouple pictures of what I seen there:

The Railroad museum was closed when we were there for the season but I was able to get a couple shots that I can post (and I got a few more I won’t on grounds I could incriminate myself…and “others”) 😉

Sorry it took so long to get this out but I really haven’t had a lot of free time since I came home.

Part two of my trip will start the trip through the Rockies, so for now here are a couple photos.

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