December 2009
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December 2009 Update

Sorry all, It has been a very busy past three months for me. Any down time has been spent with little more than relaxation and rest. I finally finished up my Sister-in-Laws basement a few weekends ago and the last couple weeks have been spent working on my own house. We replaced 6 windows a couple weekends ago, installed a new low flow flusher and wrapped the hot water tank and pipes in insulation (they say every little bit helps!!!) My basement is a mess and I am now trying to clean it up and organize things better. Unfortunately that means it is time to really go through my “stuff” (the wife calls it Junk) and start throwing out what I really will never use…Arggggggg!!!!! 😉

Starting next weekend my work has me spending the next month or so working weekends as well so there will be little time for train work as well. Dangit!!!!!!

I know I need to finish my posts on my Alberta Trip and there have been some small moves forward on my home layout that I will post as soon as possible.

Until then

See Ya


~                                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR                                               ~

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