February 2010
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New Acquisition

I had an opportunity to pick up a jewelers work bench for my shop. What a bonus for me!!!!! No more sore back due to being hunched over while working on projects.

11 Responses to “New Acquisition”

  • Nice desk but there is an awful lot of non-mrr related items. Where do you find room to work?


    Very nice!


    BTW – don;t ask for pictures of my desk. It looks a whole lot worse than yours.

  • Allan:

    Whadya mean? Non RR paraphernalia?????? Laptop is for my RR inventory and soon Decoder Pro. Two external hard drives for the laptop because it has a very small hard drive. A spot to put my coffee a clock an ipod player with a radio cause no one wants to here me whistle or sing while I work. Hmmmmm Did I miss anything 😉

  • Ok, ya got me there! Still doesn’t leave much room for building stuff.

    Oh right! You are one of those teeny minded people with the N scale stuff! You don’t need a lot of room – maybe a couple square inches.

  • Allan:

    UMMM, You just had to know this was going to lead to something. The theory is “Small things amuse small minds”, Right? This gives me an excuse…What’s yours???? HA!!!!

  • Ahhh… I guess I really have no excuse then. You mind really IS smaller than mine!


  • Bucky:

    Obviously he has a case of N scale envy. Remember N scalers can do twice as much in the same space as the unconverted (HO crowd).

  • Allan:

    Right you are Bucky, Right you are!!!!!! 😉

  • Charles:

    Yeah . . anyone can do HO, it takes a special breed to do N scale! Been a while Allan, nice to touch base again. In the late 60’s (dating myself, eh?) I picked up a storage unit from a Dartmouth jewelery store that was being renovated. Has been used more for art supplies than trains, but the art supplies have seen active service on the modules and structures, so I guess I’m vindicated. Dunno about the coffee maker while working on N scale . . . maybe a beer cooler would be more appropriate. OK, so how am I gonna get this @##$% decoder into a 4-4-0?? Coffee is just too counterproductive! And if the installation actually works, one needs a better celebration than coffee anyhow.

  • Allan:

    If you ever get a decoder in there Charles I want to know how you did it. I have one of those Atlas ones as well. I did see an article one time with the Bachmann ones that the feller removed the coal in the tender, placed the decoder there and covered it with something more appropriate for these loco’s….Wood. I think he used round toothpicks cut to length then quartered.
    Keep in touch, wont be long and you’ll be back in the Maritimes again!!!!!!!!

  • Question: What are the dimensions of the Jewelers desk
    Height width depth



  • Allan:


    The measurements on the desk are roughly 44” wide, 26” deep by 36” high
    The drawers are 12 inches wide and the two sliding shelves are 25 and 31 off the floor. This is the greatest bench I have ever used!!
    If you have any more questions please let me know.


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