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I’ve Gone and Done it!!!!!!!!

Yup, as I said soon I would have my next post so here goes.

Well I have gone completely insane (not that that was a difficult step for me), I am going to try and hand-lay my track work on my layout. I had purchased a jig and tools from Fast Tracks a few months ago and am now making my own #6 code 55 turnouts. I was quite surprised as to how easy it was to get use to making my own turnouts. The jig and proper tools make much of work effortless and take most, if not all, of the guess work out of building these critters.  I was reading an article in Model Railroader Magazine a couple months ago on how to eliminate shorts and make your factory turnouts DCC friendly. Thinking this would be a good idea as I could learn what to watch for and correct any issues as I build my own. As I read through this article, every issue was already eliminated using the Fast Tracks system. Tim has really done his homework on these things.

I have been looking at this system for a few years now but never really sure whether to purchase one or not and one thing I have noticed with Fast Tracks is they don’t just make a product and say “here it is”, there are many videos on how to do it well and they are either making there products better, adding different tools to make construction easier or making new products for hand-laying track. They are most definitely a growing company with a clear vision of where they want to be.

I have around 18 of them built so far (without ties) and setting aside. I only have a few more to built then I will be ready to start laying out my yard. I am seriously considering hand laying all the rail in my yard and if nothing else I can at least say I have tried.

Here are a few pictures of the tools and the actual turnout.


Left and Right Turnout

Left Hand Turnout with wooden ties

See Ya


4 Responses to “I’ve Gone and Done it!!!!!!!!”

  • Charles:

    Nice going! I bought a “hand-made” turnout on eBay only to discover later that it was a Fast Tracks job. Problem was that NONE of the track leads were properly guaged. Bummer. After getting the Fast Tracks kit I could not understand why the turnout was so poorly put together as the kit was so well designed. Oh well . . So, Allan, are you still using the cut-out tie sets, or using loose ties? I got the track jigs for mainline and sidings last time I ordered stuff from them. Have to wait until it gets a bit warmer to take all those bags of loose ties outside and stain them. Can hardly wait . . . that’s assuming it ever warms up, of course.

  • Allan:

    Yup these jigs almost build the turnout themselves. No Charles, no laser cut ties for me except the ones that came with the kit. I also purchased the mainline tie jig and have thought of the branchline one as well but decided against it this time around but that is not saying I won’t before I finish my layout 😉

  • Ruth:

    Hi Allan, I don’t know much about the track laying but it looks interesting to me.

  • Allan:

    Thanks Ruth. Hopefully soon the fruits of my labour will start to unfold.

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