June 2010
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Basement Update

Well I was hoping to have some bench work done by now but “other” things have gotten in the way.  Some have been good though. My neighbours are moving to Newfoundland (this is not the good part as they are great neighbours) and I have been helping them out this past week or two. The biggest time draw has been in my basement. If you have ever been in there (and I know some of you have) there are major changes going on. Yup, you can almost move around down there now as most of the clutter is almost gone.

I had been slowly putting up drywall and crack filling the walls over the winter on the unfinished (first half) of the basement. Now it was time to finish up this part of the basement as you had to pass through this area to get to the Train room I finished last year. We have always tried to use this room as a family room anyway so it was decided by my wife and I it was time to complete this project.

Seeing she is a major land holder as well, I felt that no rails should be laid until this job was complete in order to keep all parties happy. The last few weeks has been sorting through all the stuff and deciding whether or not to keep it and if not, get rid of it. Some will need to be looked at again to really decide whether to keep it or not as some is just hard to let go of, I’m sure some of you have been there before.

The painting was completed a couple weekends ago and this past weekend we bought the rest of the material to almost finish it up. The mouldings, doors & carpet were finished by Sunday evening. Next weekend I hope to have the ceiling and lighting installed. I’ll look to see if I have any before pictures and if so I’ll post one with the finished one.

I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and if I listen close enough I can hear the whistle too!!!!

See Ya


2 Responses to “Basement Update”

  • Yipppeeee! Although I find it difficult to get motivated to work on the layout in the summer. There are usually too many other things going on. As for myself, I have been getting some work done on the garden layout. I hope to have it in much better condition than it is now when you guys come over for RailFest.



  • Allan:

    When it starts to get too hot for me, the basement is exactly where I want to be.

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