August 2011
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Changing Times

Yup, Lots of changes this year so far. One of the biggest is I learned earlier this year I’m gonna be a Grandfather!!!! Dang I feel old now!!:-) My son and his girlfriend stopped into work yesterday to show me the pictures from the ultrasound. Yup there is a kid in there……..Dang I gonna be a grandfather!!! I am getting OLD but not my wife though! 🙂 Nosiree

Next week this time I’ll be in Newfoundland on holidays. We leave bright and early Sunday morning to head to the boat. My oldest son (father to be) will be house and cat sitting and later next week my wife’s brother will be here as well while he comes this way for his holidays. I’ll post some pictures later when we get back.

On to the railroad. I just finished my (or at least what I hope to be) my final plan before I start to build. I have struggled back and forth and played with plans having hidden staging and finally decided against it for now. Not knowing how much this will get run when completed I decided that cleaning track in hard to reach areas was not going to be “fun”! So here I sit ready to start and now coming to the realization that I have to figure out if I’m lazy or just a very good procrastinator 😉

I have a few things to tidy up in the train room now as it has become a bit of storage area since I wasn’t building anything in there at the time. After I get back from my holidays it will be time to actually buckle down and TRY to get things started!


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