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The Beginning of a New Beginning

Well the Holidays are over and it was time to start construction on my railroad as previously planned………. or so I though. My oldest son was taking care of the house (the cats) while we were gone and decided in that time he wanted to move back home. I guess he realized it wasn’t so bad here after all. When he moved out the last time my wife converted his old room to a Guest room and she did not want to give it up. That leaves the basement…..the large room in the basement which is used as a family room and a sort of guest room. This is the first room you go through to get to the Laundry room, my Workshop and most importantly, my train room. Now, some of you know I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed but my mind started to actually stir. I know!!! It surprised me too!!!!! Now I had to think this through before I actually replied to my wife but this may just work out in my favour. I want that large room for my layout eventually, hmmmmmmm, If we put him in that room and he is sleeping, we would feel like we would be disturbing him to get to the other rooms in the basement, that’s not good.  I haven’t started to actually build anything yet, hmmmmmmm, all I have to do is finish the floor in the train room and it is complete and it is in the back corner of the basement. EUREKA!!!!!!!


Now to find my wife and explain why it wouldn’t be a good idea to put him  in the family room and oddly enough she agreed. “What do we do then?” she replies, “Welllllll” I said with what was probably the biggest, sheepish grin anyone could have, “What about my train room?” Now I am sure this is what she secretly wanted to do anyway but didn’t dare ask. “You’d give up your train room?!?!?!” So the negotiations began for me to acquire the property rights of the larger room. Now I can only have half of it right now but that will at least get me started. Within a year or two the rest of it will become my train room. After the boys finally move out the old train room will become the crew lounge.


The designing has already started for the new layout and bench work will begin very soon. I even have the material ready for the bench work. The only thing holding me up is deciding on the elevation which will be decided before the weekend.


WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! FINALLY the beginning begins 🙂


See Ya


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