November 2011
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Progress is Being Made

Even with the birth of my grandson, progress has continued……….slowly but continuing. Almost all the plywood is fastened down for the first three communities for the railroad.

The question of  turnouts and how am I planning to control them has been asked so I will address that here. One big word here Micro Engineering code 55. I have been building my turnouts using a jig I purchased from Fast Tracks and even though they are coming along I ran into a problem with them that I didn’t notice until I was getting ready to use them. I thought I was being very careful but the wheels are getting pinched in the Wing Rails. Not sure what I was doing wrong but I will definitely be watching much closer next time I build one. In order to get a couple trains moving a little quicker I have purchased a number of Micro Engineering turnouts. These are spring loaded so they can easily be switched with a pick or finger but I will likely eventually have a unit installed underneath to keep fingers off of the layout  as I am also thinking of installing operating switch stands. The turnout control will very likely be either the Fast Tracks Bullfrog or a home made style or a combination of each. One problem I am coming up with is finding a small piano wire for these small turnouts. I have asked at hardware stores and they look at me as if I’m nuts and tell me they have no idea what I’m talking about. If anyone knows where I can find piano wire please let me know.

Going to try and get the rest of the plywood levelled and cork down this week.




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  • Sorry I’m late coming in on this.

    Can Chuck get piano wire? If you were on the Island I’d say go to Great Hobbies. I know they have various sizes for radio control linkages. I think that’s where I got my last batch. I doubt many hardware stores would have the wire size you’d need. What size wire are you looking for?

  • Allan:

    For the thinner wire I’m looking for about 18 thou. the thicker would be between 25 and 37 thou. If you ever get there let me know how it is sold and the price. I may get you to pick some up for me. There is no hurry.

  • Scott Jay:

    I’ll try to remember. I was in Charlottetown today, not sure when I’ll get back.

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