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Coping with Mark’s Loss

I have come back here to view my last post many times in the past few months and still have a hard time with the fact that Mark is gone and just where we really go from here. It has been 4 months today since Marks accident on January 2nd and it has only seemed to get easier a little tiny itty bitty bit at a time. I have gotten to the point of having maybe a couple days in a row that I feel like things are starting to get easier only to feel like I just have been hit by a Mack truck and the next few days are CRAP!!! Time will heal I’m sure but the scars are and will be permanent. I’m told this is all normal but I sometimes have to wonder what the blazes is “normal” about losing a son, it hurts like nothing else has ever hurt before!!!!


I have tried to work on my layout and some small progress has been made but not a lot….. or at least I don’t think it has. Sometime I’ll post an update at some point but I just haven’t felt like it. My passion for the hobby just isn’t there right now but I have some good friends that keep me involved one way or another in the hobby.


I just thought I would let you all know I’m still here and haven’t given up but I haven’t got the drive to push myself into getting a whole lot done yet either.




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