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On Prominent Display

Some of you already know and have seen this but I thought I would start trying to update things in my train room.

Back in March I turned another year closer to the fifty mark of my life. Two of my closest train friends got together and did something for me that was very emotional and will be treasured for the rest of my life. During last year’s holidays in Newfoundland, my son Mark and I had our photo taken on #803, a CNR EMD-G8 loco that sits on display in Carbonear. These were to be some of the last photos to be taken of just the two of us. Now these two guys have been trying to get me to take  some number boards from them for the past couple years, but since they are off locomotives from the eighties and up, none of them interested me at all. Unbeknownst to me they conspired with my wife and had the three photos of Mark and I on the Locomotive, had a number board made for #803 and searched for photos of 803 while it was still in service. All the photos were enlarged to 8 x 10’s, framed and three of the photos along with the number board were mounted on a 2 x 4 sheet of birch plywood. Let’s just say it was a little emotional when they presented it to me.

With their permission I added a frame around the plywood to give this piece of art some thickness in order to add lighting behind the number board. I had taken one of my CN GP-9 CN locomotives to the hardware store and had them match up for me the CN Green and gold then painted the whole thing green and a thin border of the gold.

This piece is now hanging on the wall where my yard will be in a very prominent area of my layout room.

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