October 2012
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Mainline Continues

I just realized that I have not yet posted my layout plan so I figure I’d better do it now as it might better explain what it is I’m trying to do 🙂  I now have the mainline coming from “Off layout” or what will be Canadaisle all the way through each of the three towns and then through to the West end of my yard. The mainline lead to Canadaisle currently stops just to the west end of my yard as well and about 8 or 10 inches lower. Until I can finally take ownership to the rest of the room my layout cannot expand any further so I am going to place a temporary helix at the west end of the yard. This will connect the two “loose ends” together and allow for some continuous running. This also will give me time to work in each of the towns placing track structures and scenery as well as working on my yard and watching some trains run until the expansion can continue.























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