November 2012
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I have been working as I have time and energy on my Helix. The other night I finally got it to a point I can start to “grade” it properly. I have it figured at about a 2% grade so not too shabby huh? I have yet to tie the top end of the helix to the Main, just West of the yard but hopefully that will be complete within the next week or two.

I built it with a 20″ radius by cutting 3/4″ birch plywood into 1/4 circles. I then dado the ends to accept a piece of thin plywood and bolted them to form a tight bond. These plywood pieces extend out the sides about an inch or so in order to drill hole to accept threaded rod. I used threaded rod in order to give me more fine tuning to the angle of the rise in the helix. So far it looks like it is going to work out OK. Whew!!!







Now come the next part, I need to tie in the top of the Helix to the Mainline but before I start laying track I need to decide whether or not to double the track through the Helix. I had only planed on running a single track up through it but now I’m thinking of doubling it. My issue is whether or not I have enough room to do this as I only cut the sub road bed 3″ wide. I can make it fit but there is only about 1/4″ or so clearance at the edges. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!

These next two shots are roughly what it will look like either way.








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