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Helix Pogress

I have been working on my helix a little any night I have a minute or two. The plywood sub-road bed is all done and I am about 3/4 done laying in the track. Putting the track down after the helix was built was a little interesting and I know I should have laid the track as I was placing the plywood. This is my first helix and I wasn’t sure how many tiers I was going to end up with so I just went ahead and did it the hard way 🙂

I did decide to make the helix a double track and have discovered this dang thing eats up Micro Engineering flex track like Cookie Monster going through a case of Oreos!!!!!! 😀

Again, because this is only temporary I tackled it a little different so I can easily disassemble it later on with little damage to the track and plywood sub-road bed in order for it to be easily reused. Normally I solder feeder wires to the bottom of my track rails (not the side) but in this case I am soldering to the bottom of the rail joiners then soldering the joints. This way when I lift the track back up to expand the layout I will not lose any of its flexibility from of a small piece of solder being left behind and I will only loose an inch or two off of each piece of flex track. No big deal. Because there is only just over 2 inches of room between levels (I went with a 2% grade), there isn’t much room to swing a hammer to put in nails. What I am doing is using adhesive caulk every six inches or so to keep the flex in place, and clamping it until it sets. Even once dry I will still be able to lift the track fairly easily and remove any leftover caulk then reuse the track and plywood later when I expand. Looking back at what I have done so far I just hope this works as I am now a little worried that as the rail expands and contracts it might buckle a bit and free itself of the caulk. Time will tell!!!!


It is slow but I only spend an hour or so in any evening I have free time to work on the layout  and this gives me about enough time to get two to four lengths of flex down and let the caulk setup until the next evening I have time to “play” with it.

Soon I’ll be able to run a train in a rather large loop and work on the track in the yard and existing towns.

See Ya


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