January 2013
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In Memory of Mark. Thanks Everyone!!!



It’s been one year tonight and still not a day goes by…………………………………………………

I would like to thank all our friends and family who have helped us in whatever way they could and continue to do. Even the “little” things, an email or phone call to say they are thinking or praying for us, the nod or hand on the shoulder as you passed by (no words were needed we knew what you meant), the visits, sometimes it might even have been something you didn’t even realize you did but just a reaction, we knew it was all from the heart and appreciate it very much.

Also for all the “Mark” stories that have been shared with us, things he did or said to help people in there daily lives. These have all showed us he was a pretty remarkable young man and is missed by many more people than we as his parents could ever have imagined and I’m not just saying that because he was/is our son and we are bias (even though we are 🙂


Thank You All Very Much!!!!!


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