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Failure = Education

There has been no updates lately due to a few failures or malfunctions or maybe even due to the fact I didn’t have a clue what I was doing? First thing I was going to post updates on my installation of my Moles’ from Proto 87 then the installation of the Bullfrog for my newly installed curved turnout.

First failure: Photo’s – I have been messing around trying to learn how to take photo’s with my new Canon T3i. I have been shooting in Raw mode.

Lesson learned: Can’t seem to compress the photos small enough to use here in my blog while using Raw mode. Now I will have to wait until I get more Moles and take photos then…………… even this though failed.


Second Failure: Carpet Tape – I had fastened the Moles to thin strip of plywood using carpet tape. Carpet tape has a strong adhesive on it right? FAILED!!!! My Moles have fell off the underside of my plywood.

Lesson Learned: Carpet Tape is great for Carpet….. Not so much for sticking a Mole to the underside of a layout!




The good side to this is I now get a chance to take the photos all over again and have learned not to use Carpet Tape again…….. unless it is for carpet! 🙂


See Ya


2 Responses to “Failure = Education”

  • gary:

    i found that a mouse trap works better than carpet tape to catch a mole.

  • Allan:

    Thousands of comedians out of work and I have to put up with this from my brother!!!! Oh Brother!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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