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Archive for June 9th, 2013


Yes there has been some progress since my last post. I have installed parts of my yard ladders at each end of the yard (13 turnouts so far) enough so that I am able to lay out my three Arrival/Departure tracks and enough to get a start to the Classification part of the yard when I’m ready. I have soldered all my PC ties and rail together to make up the three A/D tracks and prepared to start laying the wooden ties. I had a bag of 1000 ties so this would be enough to get the three tracks done and a start on the Classification part later on……………… or so I thought 😳 I was short by 8 ties of completing only Two of the A/R tracks, TWO!!!!! Holy Smokes!!! This is going to take way more ties than I first thought so I immediately ordered 5 more packages. This gave me the time to get the mainline all laid back down so all I have to do now is connect the feeders and install three Moles for the turnouts and I’ll have the Main line operational again. Hopefully between this weekend and the first of next week I’ll get the trains running again.

One thing for sure, you will not win any races by handlaying track as it sure is time consuming. I will also say that I’m undecided as to whether handlaying N scale track is therapeutic or the start of total insanity!  😎 I think I’m doing this more for the reasons of I never thought I would ever hand lay track in N scale, I’ve been told by more than a couple friends “I’m nut’s” (which is no great surprise anyway) but most of all “Because I can”!!! 🙂 Probably the biggest reason I keep going with this is because I kept telling everyone I was going to do it so I guess I just better do it, right? I’ll post photos later as there is more to show