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Archive for June 17th, 2014

Holy Moley I’m Slow

Seems to be my theme huh? 🙂

Eventually I will get this blog up to date with where I’m at on my layout. Still hand-laying my yard but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for sure.

With the MFMR Convention our group was putting on it has taken most of my extra time to concentrate on that and getting my layout (or what I have for a layout) ready for the layout tours.  (Here is a couple video’s taken with my IPhone, video not the greatest).



I can’t really explain as to what you are looking at here as I have never before seen such a thing!  I was sitting here with Roy Wolf (owner and CEO of Wolf Valley RR) having a coffee in the newly built Depot at Cole. We were discussing the business plan for WVRR and the slow proccess each town is having at getting their businesses ready for the railroad. “Do they not realize this will only help them grow? Do they not believe in you?” I ask. The line is connected now at each end to two of CNR’s yards and future plans to connect to a CPR line via a car barge. The headline of the Benjamin Times says “Its 1948 AND Still No Trains for the WVRR?” Wolf says with a grin “I guess they think I’m a little slow huh?”  It was right about then the ground started rumbling and shaking and a sound I have never heard before in my life was getting closer. As we stepped outside of the depot we saw something that could only be described as something from outer space or maybe the future. These large black and red things that look like a locomotive but were nothing like what I have ever seen before came rumbling through Cole on the new rail. I have no idea what these things were hauling behind them but they looked like some sort of a container. The only thing I recognized was a Canadian Tire logo, but not the one from the store over in Benjamin. As we stood there watching it go around the corner and still wondering what we just witnessed the ground shook a little more. Another “Thing” coming up the line from the East. These two are just as big and all red in colour. They had Canadian Pacific written on the side of them hauling a long line of some sort of hopper car that I have never seen before. We couldn’t see what was in the cars but the smell of rotten eggs permeated from them. This train seemed to go on forever and ever before it too went around the bend. I looked at Roy with a bewildered look and asked if he knew what we just saw. He turned to go back inside to finish his paper and coffee and said looking back at me “The Future my Boy, the future.” He picked up his paper again, took a sip of coffee and said with a smile “I guess the Benjamin Times will have something to write about now, huh?”