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Handlaid Yard Almost Completed

As of this morning All the track for my yard is built, in place and almost completely spiked down. I have about another 5-10 feet to spike and a couple joiner pieces to add in but less than two hours should finish it up. WOW!!!, I never thought it would take me this long to complete it. All my feeders are in place as well so all the work left will now be under the deck. Connecting all the feeder wires to the Bus line then install the Moles and wire them up, lots of hours left for sure.

I think I will get the East side of the yard done first as apposed to doing it all at once so I’m not doing the same thing for too long a period and get tired of it all and do nothing for a while. Besides that, if I have that side done I could at least operate on half of my yard while the other side is being completed…… at least this idea sounds good in my head 🙂

More updates soon!


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