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Blog Roll/ Links

Blog Roll/Links

Maritime Layouts

Bayside&Tidewater – This is a friends layout from PEI. Scott has lots of great ideas here even if they are all in HO,HA! (Had to get that in somewhere Scott)

Canadisle Railway – This is Derwin’s creation also a great layout to operate on. Derwin is the individual  I hold responsible for tricking my boys into getting me back into the hobby (Read my Background post). Oh, by the way, Thanks Derwin.

White River Southern This operating layout is currently made up of a whole lotta’ older UMG modules carefully laid out with a few extensions to make a very user friendly operation Session. I have had the recent pleasure to visit and operate on Doug’s Layout and had a great time there. Thanks Doug

Layouts from Away

None added yet

Modular Groups

UMG –  The Un-Named Modular Group. This is an HO scale Free-Mo style modular layout group. We are mostly a band of misfits from the three Maritime provinces of Canada of which I am proud to say I belong to.

Federation of Model Railroaders

MFMR – Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders

CAD Railroad Design Program

XTrkCad – You can download XTrkCad from here. There once was a cost for this program but has been totally free for a couple years now.

XTrkCad Yahoo Group– This is a great group for getting help with using XTrkCad. As well, once you are familiar with it, offering your own advise to other newcomers.

Onine Shopping

B “N” Trains – A local friend who sells mostly N scale items and the odd HO. He has good prices and offers decoder installation as well. If he ain’t got it, he’ll get it…… if it’s available.

Cool Websites I have Found


4 Responses to “Blog Roll/ Links”

  • Thanks for the plug! If you want to add more links you can glean some from my links page.


  • Allan:

    Thanks Scott
    I’ll likely take you up on that as soon as I can figure out what I’m doin’ 😉

  • Syl:

    Good day.

    I have found your blog/website – Canadian Theme – and decided to put a link to it from my website.

    You can view it here

    It is under the page : RESEAU HO – LAYOUT

    Bien a vous

    Bonaventure et Chambly (BoeC)
    Canadien Rail Canadien

  • Allan:

    Thanks Sylvain
    I had a quick look at your site as well. Very Nice! I will also be visiting the sites you have listed and put links to them from mine with everyone’s permission of course 🙂

    Have a great Day!

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