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Newfoundland Holiday



It was nothing more than terrific!!! We had a great time and Newfoundland is beautiful!!

We had planned on leaving Saturday morning and driving to Sydney then getting a hotel for the evening. This would give us time to go see Fort Loisbourg Sunday morning and then head back to the Ferry for our 2 o’clock departure. Friday night after work we decided not to leave Saturday, instead we would leave around 5:30 am Sunday Morning. This would save us a few dollars and we could take our time and pack on Saturday. We woke up Saturday morning and changed plans again…..made a few calls, packed and were on the road by 11:30. 😀

Sunday morning we headed to the Fort but never having been there we underestimated how long it would take to see the place. It was at that point we decided to see the Fort on the way home instead so we headed back toward the ferry. It wasn’t a total loss though, we stopped at the Louisburg Train Museum and this Cool place 😉







The ferry left right on time and about half way over I took a picture of the one we would come back on and kinda like the shot.

We arrived in Port aux Basque just before sunset and my first sight of a Newfoundland town was just what I expected.

We drove for a couple days up through Grose Morne on our way to Lans aux Meadows where we seen our first moose and the first settlement in North America from the Vikings. Got to see the buildings and how they were put together. It was a pretty cool place.

Later that day we were able to get up close and personal with some Iceburgs and whales.



Took another couple days as we headed to our friends place on the East end of Newfoundland by Trinity Bay. When we arrived there we were surprised to have had our own place to stay. Michele and Mike, had a summer home there and let us use it while we were there.  Bob, Diane and Annette were great tour guides as I know we got to see and hear things from this area that a regular tourist would not have. Heck we even got to pick what they call Bake Apples which is actually a berry and in the process I even found a couple Picture plants which happen to be the provincial flower of Newfoundland. These plants eat insects by collecting rain water, mixing in their own chemicals into the water which attract and ultimately drown the little buggers. Pretty cool huh?








Here are a few pictures of scenery followed by a few I was playing around with some settings on my DSLR wannbe.































I had a great time would like to once again thank Bob, Diane and Annette for the greatest hospitality anyone could ever have received. Thanks!!!


See Ya


Alberta Trip, The Finale

Here we are, the final report for my trip. After getting the pictures at Morants Curve we a stop at Lake Louise,

and Moraine Lake.

If you have never been to the Rockies and wonder if the water really is that turquoise colour? Yes it is, this is created from the silt of the melting glacier ice and let me tell ya, the bloody water is cold!!!!!! I know, I tried it out.

Within 30 seconds I realized the water is colder than anything I’ve stood in before and it was almost 30 degrees Celsius that day. At 45 seconds my les were going numb and starting to hurt, No kidding!!!!!!!!

We head toward Jasper and make a stop at the Columbia Ice fields. I didn’t go up to the ice fields as I thought it was way over priced just to walk on a bunch of ice but it was cool to see it from the information center.

The next stop was Athabasca Falls just outside of Jasper. This was a very Cool place.

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The Trains Alberta Trip prt 3

It’s been three months since part 2 and now I have to figure out where I left off!!!! Yikes!!!!

On the second day in the Mountains we took the Bow Valley Parkway from Banff up to Lake Louise, then on to the Spiral Tunnels. Along this route were many cool twists, turns and scenery. We came across Morant’s Curve but unfortunately no trains while we were there but I took a couple pictures anyway.

This shot is of a bridge just a few miles East of Morant’s Curve.

This is Morant’s Curve looking West, standing beside the road.

Same shot as above only at a higher elevation.


We arrived at the Spiral tunnels just in time to see the train we missed back at Morant’s Curve. For those who have never been here, here is an idea of how it works:

From the parking lot looking South up the mountain, in the middle of the picture you will see a lighter green tree, that is where the track is. The Train there, if heading West, is already on its decent down the mountains heading towards the Upper Spiral Tunnel. At this point I figure the train is about 150 feet above the road. There really is a train there but in a still picture it is almost impossible to see it.

After the train exits the upper Spiral Tunnel it will cross under the highway. Now turn around and face North looking down the mountain, You will soon see the train pass in front of you about 100 feet down this side of the mountain. If you look close to the right of this photo you will see some of the red of the locomotive through the trees and in the back ground. If you look in the middle of the picture you will be able to make out the lower portal of the Lower Spiral Tunnel and the track crossing above it.

The locomotive is now passing over top of the portal.

Heading into the upper portal of the Lower Tunnel

Coming out the lower portal.



In this photo you can see the train passing just bellow where you are standing, going across the top of the lower portal, entering the upper portal and coming out the lower portal all at the same time, and yes it is all the same train. This wasn’t even a long train!!!! I over heard a tour guide say if it was a long train,  the end of the train would still be on the mountain behind you!

The next day we left Banff and headed for Jasper and once again went through the Bow Valley Parkway just in case we might see a train at the Curve. We were in luck, so instead of the road side shots you always see, I climbed the side of the mountain and got a few shots from there.  I think next time I’ll probably get them next to the road though, maybe even track side if I can.

My next post will be up in Jasper, Ahhhhh CN Country 😉 and hopefully won’t take as long to get posted as this one did 🙁

See Ya