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Layout Design Fix

A friend of mine brought to my attention that the design plans could not be easily seen or followed. I looked into this and realized if you clicked each picture as it comes up eventually you will have no problem seeing them although they were so large you had to scroll the page around to see it all. In this post I am shrinking the size of the picture and if you click on the picture bellow then on the next one it should bring it up on its own page. One more click of the picture will clear the whole thing up for you. There may be a easier way to do this but I’m still “green” at this so hopefully some day I’ll dicover a better way.

Anyway give them a look over and let me know what you think. I am working on another one now and once I have it or one worth posting I’ll post it.


See Ya


Layout Idea's

Well I did have a request to see some of my layout drafts. I just got back from taken my oldest son to work and no one is up yet so I thought this would be a quite thing to do. I have been working on putting up the Sheetrock in the basement and should be able to finish it today. Then on to the crack filling, a job I can say I almost hate doing……yup, pretty close to hate.  

I have been using XTrkCad to design my layouts. This cad program is free and you can download it here if you would like to try it out for yourself – xtrkcad-download . There is, like most software, a bit of a learning curve but well worth it if you like playing with layout ideas. There is also a Yahoo group that you can join. There is a wealth of knowledgeable members always willing to help out and no question is too dumb to ask, believe me I asked plenty when I started. You can find the group here – XTrkCad .

Well here are the JPEG files of my first plan. I really do like this draft a lot but the only reason I am not going to finish designing or build this is there is no way there would be enough room in there for all the operators it would take to run the railroad (The room is only 12X12). This would be a double deck layout although at first glance you would think it was three. The 3rd picture is only to show the branchline and a continuous run for “breaking in” or testing new loco’s.

Also there are a few more drafts I’m “playing” with:

Please by all means, if you have any comments or suggestions do not hesitate. I am open to any and all suggestions…..good or bad. Thanks


See Ya