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In Memory of Mark. Thanks Everyone!!!



It’s been one year tonight and still not a day goes by…………………………………………………

I would like to thank all our friends and family who have helped us in whatever way they could and continue to do. Even the “little” things, an email or phone call to say they are thinking or praying for us, the nod or hand on the shoulder as you passed by (no words were needed we knew what you meant), the visits, sometimes it might even have been something you didn’t even realize you did but just a reaction, we knew it was all from the heart and appreciate it very much.

Also for all the “Mark” stories that have been shared with us, things he did or said to help people in there daily lives. These have all showed us he was a pretty remarkable young man and is missed by many more people than we as his parents could ever have imagined and I’m not just saying that because he was/is our son and we are bias (even though we are 🙂


Thank You All Very Much!!!!!


Coping with Mark’s Loss

I have come back here to view my last post many times in the past few months and still have a hard time with the fact that Mark is gone and just where we really go from here. It has been 4 months today since Marks accident on January 2nd and it has only seemed to get easier a little tiny itty bitty bit at a time. I have gotten to the point of having maybe a couple days in a row that I feel like things are starting to get easier only to feel like I just have been hit by a Mack truck and the next few days are CRAP!!! Time will heal I’m sure but the scars are and will be permanent. I’m told this is all normal but I sometimes have to wonder what the blazes is “normal” about losing a son, it hurts like nothing else has ever hurt before!!!!


I have tried to work on my layout and some small progress has been made but not a lot….. or at least I don’t think it has. Sometime I’ll post an update at some point but I just haven’t felt like it. My passion for the hobby just isn’t there right now but I have some good friends that keep me involved one way or another in the hobby.


I just thought I would let you all know I’m still here and haven’t given up but I haven’t got the drive to push myself into getting a whole lot done yet either.




New Acquisition

I had an opportunity to pick up a jewelers work bench for my shop. What a bonus for me!!!!! No more sore back due to being hunched over while working on projects.