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Time for an Update

I know, I know!!! More than one person has mentioned I haven’t posted anything in quite a while and….well……. basically there hasn’t been much going on with my layout to report on. I am currently redesigning the layout and once I have something to show I will post my results. I will however bring you up to date on other happenings though.

On February 20th Luc, Trevor and myself went to PEI for a day of operations on Derwin’s Canadaisle RR and Scott’s BS&T. We had so much fun that day I just realized I didn’t even take any pictures! We left Moncton around 7AM and headed toward Aulac to stop at the Big Stop for breakfast then continue on to the Island. The weather wasn’t the best that morning with a bit of a snow storm going on but we took our time and got there safely but not without a couple tense moments. One person thought we were going to slow and decided to pass us on the highway with low visibility and quite slippery road conditions. The other was while on the island, if you have never been there, there are a lot of open flat fields which can cause drifting and whiteouts across the roads. One such incident we were heading for a meet with an oncoming transport truck, a whiteout and at least a two – three foot drift across the road. I got slowed down a bit just before hitting the drift, Luc was clenching the dash as hard as he could and I didn’t look in the back to see what Trevor was doing. We hit the drift at about 50 KM and it was like it wasn’t even there….WHEW!!!! The rest of the day was pretty good driving as the sun came out and ended up being a very nice day. We had such a great time I forgot to pick up my Red Pepper Jelly that Scott picked up for me a few days previous. The only place I can get this brand is on the island.

On March 19th the guys from the Island we going to Halifax for a day of operating so I asked to tag along. We met in Aulac and headed for the Halifax area. We operated on the Fall River Eastern Railroad and the White River Southern and had a visit to Nottingham Subdivision. It was a fun day for sure.


I would like to thank everyone involve in both these operation days for their hospitality and friendship!! We’ll have to do it again 😉


See Ya


The Trains Alberta Trip prt 3

It’s been three months since part 2 and now I have to figure out where I left off!!!! Yikes!!!!

On the second day in the Mountains we took the Bow Valley Parkway from Banff up to Lake Louise, then on to the Spiral Tunnels. Along this route were many cool twists, turns and scenery. We came across Morant’s Curve but unfortunately no trains while we were there but I took a couple pictures anyway.

This shot is of a bridge just a few miles East of Morant’s Curve.

This is Morant’s Curve looking West, standing beside the road.

Same shot as above only at a higher elevation.


We arrived at the Spiral tunnels just in time to see the train we missed back at Morant’s Curve. For those who have never been here, here is an idea of how it works:

From the parking lot looking South up the mountain, in the middle of the picture you will see a lighter green tree, that is where the track is. The Train there, if heading West, is already on its decent down the mountains heading towards the Upper Spiral Tunnel. At this point I figure the train is about 150 feet above the road. There really is a train there but in a still picture it is almost impossible to see it.

After the train exits the upper Spiral Tunnel it will cross under the highway. Now turn around and face North looking down the mountain, You will soon see the train pass in front of you about 100 feet down this side of the mountain. If you look close to the right of this photo you will see some of the red of the locomotive through the trees and in the back ground. If you look in the middle of the picture you will be able to make out the lower portal of the Lower Spiral Tunnel and the track crossing above it.

The locomotive is now passing over top of the portal.

Heading into the upper portal of the Lower Tunnel

Coming out the lower portal.



In this photo you can see the train passing just bellow where you are standing, going across the top of the lower portal, entering the upper portal and coming out the lower portal all at the same time, and yes it is all the same train. This wasn’t even a long train!!!! I over heard a tour guide say if it was a long train,  the end of the train would still be on the mountain behind you!

The next day we left Banff and headed for Jasper and once again went through the Bow Valley Parkway just in case we might see a train at the Curve. We were in luck, so instead of the road side shots you always see, I climbed the side of the mountain and got a few shots from there.  I think next time I’ll probably get them next to the road though, maybe even track side if I can.

My next post will be up in Jasper, Ahhhhh CN Country 😉 and hopefully won’t take as long to get posted as this one did 🙁

See Ya


Alberta Trip (prt.2)

On Friday we headed for Banff. While traveling South heading toward Calgary I could look to the West and see the tip of the Rockies. They looked more like weird clouds at this distance. We made a stop in Olds for gas, breakfast and a trip to the local hobby shop. The owner was a pleasant fellow and is planning to move his shop to Red Deer later this year or early next year. Soon we were on our way again still heading South but just before Calgary we turned and started heading West and at that point I could see the Rockies starting to come into focus much better. The closer we got the larger they seamed to get. Let me tell you if you have never seen the Rockie Mountains it is something you should plan to do at some point in your life. It really makes you feel like a little speck on this little planet of ours. If you have never been to Banff let me describe it a little. It is not a very large town but the population of tourists must more than double the local population. All the touristy (is that even a word?) are found on Banff Avenue and every where you look there are either tons of people or mountains. Standing on the corner of Banff Avenue and WOLF Street :-D, here is what you will see: I know some of these pictures are dark but I don’t own a DSLR Camera so I am still trying to learn how to use the different settings instead of being able to use just F stops and shutter speeds. Here are a few more pictures I’ll share with you all from the Rockies, then my next post will have  trains for sure….I promise 😉

Stay tuned

See Ya