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Trip to Alberta (pt.1)

As some of you know I just recently took a trip to Alberta to visit my brother and take a trip through the Rockies. I have also been asked (by multiple friends) to post something about it and would have sooner but I am having difficulties getting my photo’s placed where I want them in the blog. For some reason they always so here goes:

On Wednesday Sept 9th I left Moncton around 7 am and headed for Alberta via West Jet. After a 1 1/2 hour layover in Toronto it was off once again into the Wild Blue Yonder, headed for Edmonton. Let me tell ya, sitting in a plane for 4 hours straight is not what I call exciting or a fun time. I’m not claustrophobic but I also don’t like being cooped up in a small space for a long time either. When we finally landed I went to the baggage pickup area to look for my sister in law (Kim) as my brother (Darrell) works on the oil rigs and wasn’t due home until Thursday.  I was very surprised to see both of them standing there. Darrell got off a day early just to make sure he was there when I arrived.

They live in a town called Ponoka which is South of Edmonton and North of Calgary. Between Calgary and Edmonton the CPR has a line that runs along Highway 2A and on the way to Darrell’s place I saw two different trains and I’m sorry to say no pictures either as my camera was still packed in one of my bags. Sorry Guys!

The first two places we went to see were an outside railway museum and Reynolds’s – Alberta museum. This museum holds antique auto’s, farming and aviation equipment and if you are ever in the area it is definitely worth the few bucks it cost to walk through there. Here is acouple pictures of what I seen there:

The Railroad museum was closed when we were there for the season but I was able to get a couple shots that I can post (and I got a few more I won’t on grounds I could incriminate myself…and “others”) 😉

Sorry it took so long to get this out but I really haven’t had a lot of free time since I came home.

Part two of my trip will start the trip through the Rockies, so for now here are a couple photos.

See Ya


The Island Crew Finally Makes it to Moncton

Yes you read it right, on December 6th there was no snow, freezing rain, nothing. It was a good day to travel. I arrived at John’s shortly after 10 am and the Island guys were already there as were the local gang. Scott Derwin and Brian mad it over from the Island and John, Dave, Jim and myself from our local Ops. group. Even Albert stopped in for a minute to say hello.

Now things got started after a short ceremonial award presentation for Derwin.

Derwin's Award Cerimony

Every crew seams to have a demerit champion in it’s rank and for some reason Derwin is the Islands “Fall Guy” and I’m really not sure why as he ran all day and I never heard of one problem. Now our “Fall Guy” Jim, well now that is a different story all together.

Sorry just got off on a tangent, Back to Johns. Well Derwin decided to be Yard Master, Scott did the Riverview Switcher Job and Brian ran some trains on the long haul to Montreal and back. Dave was in Coverdale and the rest of us filled in as needed.

Scott in Riverview

I won’t mention any incidences of a certain engineer  running his train into another train in Coverdale while he was paying more attention to where he was coming from instead of where he was going to 😉

We took a break and had lunch and I have to admit that the Chilly was very tasty. Johns recipe was really good and yup it started kicking in later on in the day. After lunch some of the crew headed to the local hobby shop to seek out some bargains before heading over to Dave’s for the second Ops. of the day.

At this session Scott was Yard Master, Derwin was in Alma and Brian started in Hillsborough. John was in West Riverview, Jim had Baltimore while I had the task of running the trains from Moncton and Saint John to Riverview Yard. The first train was my favorite and not the run but the Consist of two very nice locomotives.

2-10-2 consist2-10-2 consist

As you can see this consist really caught the eyes of everyone there.

The crew working hard We were all busy doing our duties…well all but one of us. Again I won’t mention any names but the Baltimore switcher wasn’t busy at all and was bragging how efficient he was. His efficiencies (or inefficiencies)  soon came to light. He was sending cars back to the yard that were suppose to stay in Baltimore for unloading. I would hate to be the Baltimore switcher at the next ops session 🙂

We stopped for supper and had pizza. After we finished our session and everyone left for home. We all had a great time and I’m told the drive home to the Island did not take long at all with all the extra gas coming from the backseat of the car, eh Derwin 😉

Well this post is about a week late but I have been very busy lately and not a lot of time to spend on the ‘puter but better late than never eh?

See Ya


Trip to the Island

On August 31st, two friends from our local operating group, my son Mark and myself travelled over to PEI for a day of operating on a couple of friends layouts. We left Moncton around 7:30 Sunday morning and arrived at Scott’s around 9:15 (a little earlier than expected), catching Scott in the middle of some housework he was hoping to have done before we had arrived, Oops. Shortly after Scott finished we left and headed for Derwin’s to operate our first of two sessions on his Canadisle Railway. Between sessions we stopped for some grub, refreshments and conversation.

Derwin trying to get "someone" in the picture

Derwin trying to get "someone" into a picture

An overview of Derwin's Layout

An overview of Derwin's layout

When we were done our second session we headed back to Scott’s but first a pit stop in Kensington. Derwin is on the board of the Kensington Railway Station and he took us on a tour of the place. Pretty cool place with all the artifacts and pictures. There is even an HO layout there. I never thought to take any pictures so if I can get some later I’ll put them up or add them in here later on. For now here is a picture of a model of the station.

Model of the Kensington Station

Model of the Kensington Station

Next stop, Scott’s Bayside&Tidewater. Not only the scenery but the scenes on this layout will keep your interest for quite some time. Well the first part of the opps session did not go very smoothly. My brakeman (who will go unnamed to protect the bit of respect he has with his opps group) didn’t know what he was up against when he was assigned to work with me ( I have a reputation of being a little slower than  most but that’s another story 😀 ). The rest of the guys had time to laugh, talk, tease us about being too slow and go get supper ready and we were only on our first stop!! I guess this means we were holding them up way too long. Well we had a BBQ for supper and sat around the back yard for a bit before heading back in to finish up.

Letting things settle before going back to work.

Letting things settle before going back to work.

After supper things went much smoother…..I think…… at least I don’t think we got in anyones way and no surprise, we were the last ones done too.

Scott thinking "Are these two ever going to finish?"

Scott thinking Are they ever going to finish??

Jim getting his train ready

Jim getting his train ready

Dave concentrating very hard on his duties.

Dave concentrating very hard on his duties.

We had a great time and again I would like to thank the guys from the Island for another great visit.

See Ya