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Now on Facebook

Reluctantly, I have made the plunge to add a Facebook page for my railroad. I figured it will be faster and easier to make quick updates and photos there if your looking for up to date information.  Just look up Wolf Valley Railroad or try the link in the left hand column…. Hopefully it works…………if only I knew what I was doing!!!! HA!

Any post I want to make a either longer than just a few lines or more details about a photo, I’ll come here. For me I find it hard to site and type up a message, I would rather be doing something else. I also have had a few people over the last few months ask me about the railroad to see if I was even still active. With this in mind I decided against everything I have to start a Facebook page. Not a fan of Facebook, ie: “Time Sucker” and I usually get on and get of in less than 5 minutes. Too much drama…. I can watch TV to get that!! LOL

I will respond to comments on FB as well so feel free. Tell me what you think.


See Ya



Yes there has been some progress since my last post. I have installed parts of my yard ladders at each end of the yard (13 turnouts so far) enough so that I am able to lay out my three Arrival/Departure tracks and enough to get a start to the Classification part of the yard when I’m ready. I have soldered all my PC ties and rail together to make up the three A/D tracks and prepared to start laying the wooden ties. I had a bag of 1000 ties so this would be enough to get the three tracks done and a start on the Classification part later on……………… or so I thought 😳 I was short by 8 ties of completing only Two of the A/R tracks, TWO!!!!! Holy Smokes!!! This is going to take way more ties than I first thought so I immediately ordered 5 more packages. This gave me the time to get the mainline all laid back down so all I have to do now is connect the feeders and install three Moles for the turnouts and I’ll have the Main line operational again. Hopefully between this weekend and the first of next week I’ll get the trains running again.

One thing for sure, you will not win any races by handlaying track as it sure is time consuming. I will also say that I’m undecided as to whether handlaying N scale track is therapeutic or the start of total insanity!  😎 I think I’m doing this more for the reasons of I never thought I would ever hand lay track in N scale, I’ve been told by more than a couple friends “I’m nut’s” (which is no great surprise anyway) but most of all “Because I can”!!! 🙂 Probably the biggest reason I keep going with this is because I kept telling everyone I was going to do it so I guess I just better do it, right? I’ll post photos later as there is more to show

On Prominent Display

Some of you already know and have seen this but I thought I would start trying to update things in my train room.

Back in March I turned another year closer to the fifty mark of my life. Two of my closest train friends got together and did something for me that was very emotional and will be treasured for the rest of my life. During last year’s holidays in Newfoundland, my son Mark and I had our photo taken on #803, a CNR EMD-G8 loco that sits on display in Carbonear. These were to be some of the last photos to be taken of just the two of us. Now these two guys have been trying to get me to take  some number boards from them for the past couple years, but since they are off locomotives from the eighties and up, none of them interested me at all. Unbeknownst to me they conspired with my wife and had the three photos of Mark and I on the Locomotive, had a number board made for #803 and searched for photos of 803 while it was still in service. All the photos were enlarged to 8 x 10’s, framed and three of the photos along with the number board were mounted on a 2 x 4 sheet of birch plywood. Let’s just say it was a little emotional when they presented it to me.

With their permission I added a frame around the plywood to give this piece of art some thickness in order to add lighting behind the number board. I had taken one of my CN GP-9 CN locomotives to the hardware store and had them match up for me the CN Green and gold then painted the whole thing green and a thin border of the gold.

This piece is now hanging on the wall where my yard will be in a very prominent area of my layout room.