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Failure = Education

There has been no updates lately due to a few failures or malfunctions or maybe even due to the fact I didn’t have a clue what I was doing? First thing I was going to post updates on my installation of my Moles’ from Proto 87 then the installation of the Bullfrog for my newly installed curved turnout.

First failure: Photo’s – I have been messing around trying to learn how to take photo’s with my new Canon T3i. I have been shooting in Raw mode.

Lesson learned: Can’t seem to compress the photos small enough to use here in my blog while using Raw mode. Now I will have to wait until I get more Moles and take photos then…………… even this though failed.


Second Failure: Carpet Tape – I had fastened the Moles to thin strip of plywood using carpet tape. Carpet tape has a strong adhesive on it right? FAILED!!!! My Moles have fell off the underside of my plywood.

Lesson Learned: Carpet Tape is great for Carpet….. Not so much for sticking a Mole to the underside of a layout!




The good side to this is I now get a chance to take the photos all over again and have learned not to use Carpet Tape again…….. unless it is for carpet! 🙂


See Ya


The Story Behind the Names

For those of you who are wondering where the town names came from, here is the story:

In 2011 three new children were born in my family. My brother had a son – Cole, My wife’s nephew had a son – Keaton and my oldest son had a son of his own – Benjamin. Within nine months of last year I became an Uncle, Great Uncle and Grandfather. I couldn’t think of any better way to name my “fantasy” railroad than using the names family and friends.

Being a fantasy RR I don’t want to be tied to the idea of any particular region of  Canada so I don’t want to use any name that will direct anyone to a particular part of this country. For that reason even my “staging” will not have a “real” names either so my plan is to use names (with permission of course) of other “fantasy” layouts from friends. There will be three such staging names by the time the layout is complete. For now the first one needs to be a CN line so I have borrowed the name from a friend in PEI. Derwin owns and operates the Canadisle Rail which I have operated on a few times so I contacted him to ask permission in which he gladly accepted. I will be needing two more eventually but don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet 🙂

Until the next post


See Ya


General Update on Things

I don’t mean to keep things depressing and dwelling on my families loss but it is my blog so I guess I can do what I want……right? 😉

We buried Mark back on June 7th and had the family over after just to try and help lift our spirits. I’d like to say it has gotten a lot easier but it has only mildly gotten belter. I find myself feeling depressed more than anything lately. Don’t worry though I’m not about to do anything foolish. 😀

You can take this like a grain of salt but believe me this bit of advice is as true as I’m sitting here typing this message. You can never truly judge or know what is going on in someone’s mind no matter how well you might think you know them. I was having a conversation with a friend about a month ago and they had said how well they thought I was doing. That’s when I realized you can know someone who laughs and carries on with people but inside there could be an unfathomable struggle going on, each person with their own troubles that you may or may not know of. I now try not to judge people by their outward appearance anymore as I have a better understanding of personal turmoil.

Tomorrow will be another personal milestone as it would have been Marks 18th birthday. My Wife and I will take the day off as I’m sure it will be a difficult day for us and our 25th Wedding Anniversary is next week . We have decided to head back to Newfoundland again this year  to visit our good friends in New Chelsea and to get away for a little while.

OK now, onto a better subject. The past few Months I have been working on a new deck and sunroom or solarium (we still haven’t figured out what to call it) and it is pretty much complete for this year. There are a few little things to finish up but nothing major. We started out with an older 8×12 deck on the back of the house and wanted to add a sunroom. The sunroom was a kit from Costco that we had been looking at for the past year. They came on sale so we bought one. Simple, right? Noooooooooooooo! We wanted the 12×15 but by the time we ordered it they were all sold out and had to buy the 12×18 foot version. These kits were available in 12 foot wide by 12, 15 & 18 foot lengths. All the pictures of the ones we seen were two doors and you could place each of them anywhere except on the angled corners. Easy we will add a twenty foot extension off of our deck. After much sawing and banging the deck is complete and the kit is on the way.

Wow! The kit arrives in four very large boxes, not that I wasn’t expecting them to be, but when you first see them you figure you got your money worth just in the cardboard alone! Ha! Let the unpacking and assembly begin!!! OH NO!!!!!!! The two doors in this size are not two separate doors but one big double set of doors. This meant I had to add 4 feet to the side of the new deck or use a step ladder to get in and out. My wife wasn’t going to go for that so the extension was going to have to be built and if we do that we might as well replace the old 8×12 that we were going to replace next year so all of the deck will be new. Now everything is new and looks pretty darn good if you ask me. 😀


Now that the deck is done and the summer heat has arrived (the solarium is for my wife who loves the heat way more than I do) I like to sit inside the house with the air conditioning. Not wanting to just sit and watch TV and mope around I am slowly pushing myself to work on the layout again. I now have track through two towns and the extension that will eventually lead to “off layout” staging done. For now I may put a helix in to make a loop while I build up my towns and yard before building the rest of the layout.

I keep promising and will post pictures and a belter update for the railroad later on.


See Ya