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Wolf Valley RR phase 1

After much scepticism from the locals, many tireless hours from the Planning, Property, Construction Committees and the CEO of Wolf Valley RR (WV), the construction has finally begun!!!! Sources say heavy equipment moved in late last week and started the foundation of phase 1 of this newly created railroad. Sources say at least two and possibly three towns will be the first to benefit from the newly created railroad company. The CEO (Roy Wolf) is staying tight lipped as to what towns will be the first to benefit from the railroad and none of the town mayors or officials will comment while they are in negotiations with WV.


Wolf will say that once traffic starts to move and is generating revenue for WV, the settlement of Wolf Valley will get a big boost.  Wolf says they have already made plans to build a yard and Engine facilities on some of the family property in the settlement. This land has been owned by the family since it was founded by Northern Wolf back in the mid 1700’s. Northern Wolf was a Master Carpenter from The West somewhere. No one is really sure as to where exactly as he was always moving to where the construction jobs were. When he retired he made his way east and settled into this valley.


Wolf Valley is only one mile from the small town of Cole so there is strong speculation that Cole will benefit as one of the founding communities of the railroad but again no one is saying anything as to whom will benefit.


Wolf also says that it takes a lot of equipment and financial support to start a railroad and that they have been negotiating with the Canadian National Railway (CNR) but is not saying as to what extent.


I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned and keep an eye out, an ear to the ground and soon to the rail. 🙂


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